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4 weeks ago

New Topic in Music Tribers

We Empower. You Create

  Dear Tribers, dear Music Tribe Fans,   I like to invite you to our Music Tribers community where we share h more

3 weeks ago

New Reply in Music Tribers

Thank you to Our Unsung Heroes !

Many thanks to Parshant and Payal (Grazitti) for being part of this MT Community project. Your work has empowered us w more
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15 hours ago

New Reply in Live Sound

Re: Separate fx for monitor

Hi      Select the FX return channel strip (eg. FX1), select the Main tab and unselect the LR (changes fr more

19 hours ago

New Reply in Guitar

Re: Quintessence stereo to mono summing?

This is just the standard signal routing and when you connect a stereo input signal and just a mono output, both input s more
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3 hours ago

New Topic in Guitar

reposting... Ditto X4 looping issues

ok trying this again... my Ditto X4 has a clearly audible issue with the loop skipping at the beginning of each repetiti more

7 hours ago

New Topic in General

How to check what firmware my Ditto x4 is running

I see how to update it but won't bother if I have the latest. So how do I check it? Thanks!
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