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4 weeks ago

New Topic in Music Tribers

We Empower. You Create

  Dear Tribers, dear Music Tribe Fans,   I like to invite you to our Music Tribers community where we share h more

3 weeks ago

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Thank you to Our Unsung Heroes !

Many thanks to Parshant and Payal (Grazitti) for being part of this MT Community project. Your work has empowered us w more
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3 hours ago

New Reply in Guitar

Re: Quintessence stereo to mono summing?

This is just the standard signal routing and when you connect a stereo input signal and just a mono output, both input s more


New Topic in Mixing

Re: multiple inserts on master channel - is it possibl...

Hi  ,   You can insert to the Main LR, then send to a matrix bus pair and insert there. That's about all you c more
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an hour ago

New Topic in Live Sound

Midas M32 Offline Software

Hallo! Gibt es ein Handbuch für M32 Software - wie man zum beispiel mehrere Kanäle gleichzeitg selektieren kann?


New Topic in General

How do I save all of my GO XLR settings.

Hello, hoping someone can explain step by step how to save all of my settings correctly so when I shut down and then res more
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