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We Empower. You Create

  Dear Tribers, dear Music Tribe Fans,   I like to invite you to our Music Tribers community where we share h more


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Thank you to Our Unsung Heroes !

Many thanks to Parshant and Payal (Grazitti) for being part of this MT Community project. Your work has empowered us w more

Mar 2, 2019 5:31:49 PM

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5 hours ago

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VLX3 - Problem importing backing tracks

Hello all, found in this forum, someone from 2017 who seemed to have this same issue. Someone suggested then, they had s more

7 hours ago

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Xenyx 1204USB USB output limitations?

My setup is simple. I have a mic and want to use the features of the mixer to use on Twitch via OBS. One problem. It see more
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