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  • I am very proud that Microsoft invited me to represent Music Tribe during the Microsoft APAC Innovators Forum.


    I had the honor to speak with MS’s CEO Satya Nadella in a one-on-one conversation and showcase Music Tribe’s Customer and Digital Obsession journey.

    Satya was very impressed with our Extreme Digital Lean initiative, having consolidated 3 data centers, removed 600 servers and 135TB of obsolete data, cleaned up 10m data points, while also scanning and uploading 1m documents as part of our paperless initiative.

    Over only two years we migrated 18 legacy applications to MS - all in one Big Bang, an exercise that is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

    Today, Music Tribe today is 100% cloud based as well as paperless, in line with our sustainability value.

    Satya congratulated us for this outstanding achievement and we all should be very proud of the recognition we received from the iconic MS CEO.

    He later shared our journey in his Key Note speech in front of leading company representatives and members of the press.

    Music Tribe is considered one of the most regarded companies at MS due our speed and depth of transformation, early adoptions and the overall commitment to MS’s vision.

    We were the very first company in APAC that implemented Windows365 on Azure.

    5 years ago I read Satya’s book “Hit Refresh”, which greatly inspired me to press the hit refresh button in both my own life as well as in our Tribe.

    My gratitude goes out to our 2,000 Tribers, who deserve this amazing recognition, as well as Microsoft for being such an incredible partner and friend.


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  • We work hard. Together, for the bigger picture - but also individually, daily, and in our respective departments and roles. Tooling, testing, filming, manufacturing, building, research and meetings… Every day we’re confronted with the ‘what’.

    But taking a step back we’re reminded not of the ‘what’, but of the ‘why’. Why do we do what we do?

    Well, we felt it was time for a grateful reminder. All we do, feeds into the ‘why’, no matter the person or place.

    We remind ourselves: There’s a Musician in Every Human Being

    Thank you all Tribers for everything you do, ultimately bringing joy and creativity to each other and thousands around the globe.

    Music Tribe

    Learn More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEEA1uxTmSE

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  • Get a comprehensive view of the different brands that fall under each solution from Installed Sound, Live and Tour to Recording and Studio plus, gain access to our brand websites, product categories or even the Community right from the Music Tribe Solutions Website!

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