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  • With INFINITE SAMPLE SUSTAINER on your board, you’ll be able to capture and sustain a moment in audio. Building amazing soundscapes and captivating moods, whenever and wherever, between now and forever.

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    Music Tribe

    The legendary STEREO CHORUS FLANGER was our first ever TC Electronic product! And to celebrate 45 years we’re extremely excited to announce the SCF GOLD.

    Watch the video here!
    Music Tribe
  • Read about how our Tribers have witnessed and experienced the Music Tribe Values at work in this quarterly newsletter.



    We were approached by the Aston Logistics and Packing Team in Hitchin with an odd request last month… “Could we buy some paint and brushes please?” After further investigation, the team had a window of opportunity to give the 4000sq.ft. warehouse space an overhaul and asked if they could do it themselves. Part of this project involved the team pulling out their old clothes, washing down the walls and painting it all white. For those who are not aware, it is not the warmest time of year in the United Kingdom but as the team said, “Let’s get it done!”

    Great Teamwork and initiative from Ben Lindus, Jared Garrison, Ash Maddox and Kai Garrison. The space looks amazing, thank you.


    When Music Tribe needed someone to step up and take responsibility for the Hospitality workload in Europe, Uli reached out and put his faith in Barnabas Stalin here at Aston in UK3. This position was to take on the role alongside his bookkeeping responsibilities at Aston, which he continues to perform to an exceptional level.

    Since making the move, Barnabas has gone above and beyond to do the right thing and support our fellow Tribers in the European facilities even though this was initially outside his comfort zone. His biggest strength remains his calm demeanor and considered approach to challenges while showing respect to those involved.

    He has demonstrated all the company's core values and we are very proud to have him as part of the Tribe.


    Many have expressed their appreciation of the current designs of our recently launched Values Marketing Materials and more so of the valuable messages they convey. But behind these appealing visual graphics are humble and interesting stories of designers that when exposed, will add more depth to the meaning of these colorful “MT Values” visuals.

    One of those designers is Abby. She was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in the middle of the year and was required to undergo 6 exhausting sessions of chemotherapy. Amidst her medical condition, Abby remained ever dependable and committed to the team’s deadlines. Not many know of this, but the designs and final artworks of the Values cube, shirt and tumbler prints were done by a dedicated FACE CI cancer patient in the middle of her chemotherapy sessions. She would even willingly accept calls, coordinate with her co-designer Khamille and follow through on commitments while undergoing sessions to ensure all promises are delivered.

    Humble as she is, this story of Integrity is worth celebrating and sharing even outside of our Tribe. Kudos to you Abby Sanguyo. You are an inspiration to the Tribe and you rock!


    Challenging the norm, the INNO MECH team veered away from the common on-premise, on-site IT-reliant parametric modeling tool to a full cloud, fully web-based and zero IT footprint application. Now the team is more agile, can work anywhere and doesn't require very expensive or high-end workstations to run the application.


    The Triber I want to introduce to you is Johnny Du from the Shenzhen software team. He has provided us with good quality products and cost savings in his work. So here are his stories…

    Story 1:
    While researching the MCU platform for the I.MX RT1020/1050 Cortex-M7, Johnny found that the NXP's new MCU was cost-effective, so he decided to try it out for several projects.

    It’s always hard to get started. No one in the company had used the new IC before, so he had to rely on himself to deploy his idea.
    He had to design the schematics, weld the boards, debug and evaluate chip performance on his own. Finally, after a period of exploration, he successfully used this new MCU in four projects and possibly more. By replacing the original MCU+DSP scheme, the costs of these products were reduced by about 33.3%.

    Story 2:
    The B6X/B1X series Bluetooth Speaker projects were originally developed by colleagues in Zhongshan, and the first version of PCBA had been produced when they were transferred to his team. It’s originally designed with the MCU+DSP+Reverb DSP+Bluetooth Scheme.

    After Johnny Du fully understood the requirements of the projects and with his previous successful experience, he actively communicated with PJMs and PCLs to change the design. In the end, all of the team members decided to go with Johnny’s new solution. Not only did it reduce costs by approximately 18%, but it also added many new features and enriched product features.
    He will continue to promote new solutions for the iX, iP series speaker upgrades.

    Music Tribe

    Learn More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_nDr1d9-Fs

    Authentic recreation of the popular Octave Divider from the ‘70s featuring an earth-shaking sub-octave effect for powerful sound creation. It can even be used to add a bit more funkiness to bass, keyboards and other instruments.

    List Price: $99 (in stock and immediately shipping from our factory)

    #Behringer #OCTAVEDIVIDER #Guitar #Bass #Effects #Pedals

    Music Tribe
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