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  • DH100

    Learn More: https://youtu.be/ddJSUFvfNw4

    Closed-back studio reference headphones, designed for electronic drum monitoring, fulfill your needs to compose your own tunes in peace, no matter where you are – at a price that is very kind to every budget!

    List Price: $35

    #Behringer #DH100 #Headphones #Drummer

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  • The DM8500 and DM Kontrol have just gotten some new updates. Check out the new features below or download the updates now.

    DM8500: http://bit.ly/Klark-Teknik-DM8500

    DM Kontrol: http://bit.ly/Klark-Teknik-DM-Kontrol-V3-7
    #KlarkTeknik #DM8500 #DMKontrol #v3point7 #NewUpdates
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  • Sign up for our on-demand webinars and learn how to get the most out of your Klark Teknik DM Series product!
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  • 2600 BLUE MARVIN

    Learn More:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSeN7_VUtuY&t=3s

    A limited edition, ultra-affordable and even more feature-packed homage to the iconic ARP 2600 synthesizer. Conjure up virtually any sound imaginable with incredible finesse and ease. The pure analog signal path is based on the authentic ARP 2600 circuitry from the 70s with matched transistors and JFETs. Owning a BLUE MARVIN is like having your piece of history enabling you to re-create timeless classics or forge your own musical path.

    List Price: $699

    #Behringer #2600 #BLUEMARVIN #Synthesizer #SpecialEdition #SemiModular #Analog #Synth #RackMount

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