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    The Enterprise division of Music Tribe just completed their first-ever two-day Super Partner Conference in Manchester where our partners were given the opportunity to get some exclusive looks into new products, take part in live demos and workshops for key product lines, and have lots of productive discussions with Music Tribe leaders.

    Alongside this exciting event, we also held the Music Tribe Distributor Awards to recognize our partners that truly made a difference in their region and for Music Tribe. We would like to congratulate all the recipients of the awards! We’re very excited to continue our wonderful partnerships and see what amazing new things we can achieve together.

    Check out our winners below!

    Music Tribe Distributor of the Year goes to…

    AVL Media Group, USA

    Midas Distributor of the Year EVI Audio, France

    Tannoy Distributor of The Year Mpak, South Korea

    Lake Processing & Lab Gruppen Distributor of The Year  Australis, Australia

    Turbosound Distributor of The Year  HOANG BAO KHOA, Vietnam

    A special award for going above and beyond goes out to Jarle Kvalsund from CT-Group, Norway who has served his customers in the best way possible!


    Music Tribe

    "In 2019, Music Tribe went on a disruptive journey to rediscover its purpose and build a sustainable future. The company went on an “extreme lean” exercise, where it eliminated all data centers, physical servers, legacy applications and over 100 terabytes of outdated and redundant data. Today, Music Tribe is completely IT-free and runs entirely on Azure.

    By eliminating all waste, Tribers (Music Tribe employees), can now spend more time gaining new skills with Viva Learning. This radical change also provided them with more time for customer engagement, which follows the company’s “customer and digital obsession” mission."

    Learn more and watch the video describing our amazing digital journey.

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    Music Tribe
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    Music Tribe

    David Hunter, Music Tribe’s Performance Senior Leader, and Qin Zhiyong, VP of Vjoy Technology, are pleased to announce to entering of a strategic Super Partner relationship, which focuses on delivering an obsessive customer experience across all of Music Tribe’s 300+ Enterprise products in China.

    This partnership will provide unique collaborative opportunities to realize co-innovation of new products, co-marketing related to selling and service, exploring the great opportunity in China installed market, as well as a unique supply chain integration to ensure all products are always in stock and readily available in post-COVID, to achieve a new milestone of MT branding and industry power in China.

    “We, at Vjoy Technology are extremely delighted to announce our strong association and partnership with such a prestigious company as Music Tribe.

    China is getting more and more influential in the global market, even though we are in post-COVID, we still have confidence that this association and partnership will ultimately be supporting each gain and growth.”

    Peter Sadler, Music Tribe’s Senior Customer Solution Leader adds, “We are thrilled to have Vjoy Technology on board. Their passion for audio, and talents are full of a wealth of experience in the industry, and extensive knowledge and relationships within the China region, making them invaluable members of the Super Partner family.”

    Music Tribe is currently heavily investing in its professional (Enterprise) division across Hospitality, Corporate, Convention Center, Transportation, etc. all commercial applications, delivering leading-edge solutions from its brands (Midas, Lab Gruppen, Klark Teknik, and Tannoy) and working closely with dedicated owner representatives, consultants, integrators, contractors, and distributors.

    Music Tribe
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