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    We are very happy to share this news and like to thank all our Tribers who worked real hard to make this project come true. It took over a year to go through hundreds of charity organizations and select the ones that meet our cause.

    We are committed to continue our Music Tribe Charity projects and support the purpose of empowering less fortunate children through musical education.

    Click on the link to learn more: https://ask.audio/articles/music-tribe-behringer-donate-1510-synthesizers-headphones-to-disadvantaged-children-worldwide?fbclid=IwAR0M1jUf1aatkslLZYEdLlVQQeKWshML3Kl0DgqIz92_9KngurqE3dANqkA

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  • BU100

    Learn more: https://youtu.be/yT0J4aBAXa0
    Whether you’re podcasting, gaming, conferencing or enjoying a conversation with your favorite friend, you want a USB microphone that delivers a wide and linear frequency response with ultra-low noise floor. It provides incredible high-quality performance at a price well within the reach of every budget!
    List Price: $49
    #Behringer #BU100 #USBMic #Streaming #Podcasting #Gaming #Recording #ConferCalls #Microphone
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  • Adagio Spain and Music Tribe Sign Enterprise Super Partner Relationship

    Daniel Alorda, CEO of Adagio and Music Tribe’s Customer Solution Leader, Pete Sadler today announced the entering of a strategic relationship. The focus of this Super Partner relationship is to deliver an obsessive Customer Experience with unique collaborative opportunities to carry all of Music Tribe’s 1000+ Enterprise products plus select Midas Retail Products, realize co-innovation of new products, co-marketing related to learning and education as well as a unique supply chain integration to ensure all products are always in stock and readily available.

    Enterprise refers to Music Tribe’s Professional Division, which serves the Install and Live & Touring Sound Customers through dedicated distributors, representatives, integrators and contractors, who all work in close partnership with Music Tribe’s Customer Solutions and Technical Support teams.

    Music Tribe is currently heavily investing in both its Install and Live & Tour Sound solutions, delivering leading-edge products from its Enterprise brands:
    - Midas (Install and Live & Tour Sound Products)
    - Lab Gruppen (Install and Live & Tour Sound Products)
    - Turbosound (Live & Tour Sound Products)
    - Tannoy (Install Sound Products)
    - Klark Teknik (Install Sound Products)
    - TC Electronic (Broadcast Products)

    Daniel Alorda commented: “It’s with great pride and honor that we are now part of the Super Partner relationship with Music Tribe. This new engagement represents a milestone in our shared Vision and commitment to the customer experience while giving us the best possible tools to continue our decade-long customer journey. We are very excited to step up our cooperation with Music Tribe to deliver the best professional products and exceed the expectations of our customers.”

    Pete Sadler commented: “We are very proud to have Adagio join our Super Partner family. Both companies are extremely passionate to serve our Enterprise Customers. This strategic relationship will now open the door for deep integration and collaboration – all for the benefit of the Customer we all love to serve.

    Music Tribe
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