Turbosound NuQ102 - Passive Compression driver part number


by abily1


I purchased 4 of these speakers on March 22, 2022 and 3 of them have compression drivers that are bad.  I must assume a bad batch as I have never overpowered, overdriven or pushed anything other than vocals through them.  They are being powered by a QSC PLD4.2 which is the perfect compliment to them.  I have had lterally hundreds of speakers over the years primarily EAW but more recently JBL.  I have had Turbosound, EV and even a set of QSC.


I opened a ticket for spare parts not even trying to deal with warranty repair as I expect that to be hell and a finger pointing exercise.  I asked what is the compression driver used in these and where can I order them.  No one has responded so I am stuck...  Does anyone know what the driver model is its no where listed on the driver itself or in any documentation.

Shame on you Turbosound, I would expect this type of support from Berhinger but damn come on its not like I am asking for much here and I am stuck with gigs lined up.