Midas LIVE Webinar: What Goes On Tour... with Rick Pope


Midas LIVE Webinar: What Goes On Tour... with Rick PopeMidas LIVE Webinar: What Goes On Tour... with Rick Pope 

WEDNESDAY 20th MAY - 6pm CEST/5pm BST/12am (Saturday) HKT 
Tune in for another informative and revealing discussion with our brand leader Pete Sadler, who will be in conversation with legendary sound engineer Rick Pope. Rick has a CV to rival anyone in the industry, having worked with a catalogue of A-list artists that are simply too long to list. Rick has also been touring with Jamiroquai and the Heritage-D HD96 console over the past 18 months during our testing period, so expect plenty of valuable insights and information during the webinar as they discuss touring life, mixers and all things audio. This one is not to be missed!  

Rick is a renowned world-class sound engineer working for over 40 years in the music industry 
Rick started his career as a drummer when he was 16 playing in various bands, in between playing he worked for Turbosound as a paint sprayer/fitter in Rusper at the early start of the company, but being a musician was what he wanted to do, so he left to concentrate on music and became a pro musician in the early 1980s. 

His love for sound came about as he was the only one in the band who could set up PA. He taught himself over the years and ended up looking after the sound equipment in a Residential Rehearsal studio in Sussex called Stanbridges in return for free studio time for the band he was in. 

The studio had all the high-end bands of the ’80s ranging from Frankie Goes to Hollywood to Status Quo to name a few, the list of artists that rehearsed there is endless. 

As you can imagine money was tight being in an unsigned band so, to supplement his income, he worked for a small PA company called Blue Box which was formed by a couple of the fitters that had been at Turbosound. They supplied the equipment to the studio and did small to medium sized venues supplying PA’s for bands and raves. 

Whilst working at the studio he was asked by numerous bands to go and work for them. He was a drum tech for UFO and WASP in 1984/85 and then in 1986 Status Quo asked him to be their monitor engineer, then it was a world tour with China Crisis as their monitor engineer. 
In 1987 Rick started freelance crew work for Brittania Row Productions as a monitor engineer, FOH and PA system tech, touring non-stop from 87-97 with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Santana, Dire Straits, Tony Bennett and scores of others. 

In 1994 Rick started working with the band Jamiroquai for BRP as a system tech and eventually became their FOH engineer. In 1997 he built Jay’s studio at his house with a former crew colleague Al Smart, who he had met on the Peter Gabriel tour. 





Rick learned to use the studio equipment which was a very different approach to his live work. He worked on the bands' demos and assisted on the first couple of albums that the band made at the new studio. In 2001 Rick, ended up recording, mixing and co-producing the multi-million-selling album Funk Odyssey. 

Rick is still with Jamiroquai and tours and works with various artists hoping, as we all are, this pandemic will soon be over. 

WEDNESDAY 20th MAY – 6pm CEST/5pm BST/12am (Saturday) HKT 

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