Meet Christopher Olofsson- Lake Processing Brand Research Software Specialist

by pekner


Meet Christopher Olofsson, our Brand Research Software Specialist who currently works as the Project Manager for the Lake software team located in Kungsbacka Sweden. We have asked Christopher few questions about his time and experiences working at Lab.gruppen and Lake.

Tell us about what you do at Lake?

I currently work as the Project Manager for the Lake software team. I also do a lot of the software development and customer contact as well. We’re a tight and focused team consisting of senior developers with a lot of experience in the vast spectrum of use cases Lake is deployed for.

How long have you been in your current position, and could you provide a brief overview of what you do?

I have been working at Lab.gruppen and Lake since December 2014. The current project Lake XP was kicked off in February 2019 with early customer feedback on the concept as a whole. The project as such was exciting already from the start in that it required creativity in order to get our already released hardware to perform even more audio processing than before. At first, we did not know whether we could actually make it or not! To highlight some of the features Lake XP adds I would list separate FIR processing for speaker presets and speaker array optimizations and the possibility to activate a multiband limiter on each output. A great toolbox for anyone into FIR speaker preset making, for instance.

Have you always been interested in the audio and sound business? What drew you to this industry?

Ever since I was little I have been playing the piano and been interested in music making/audio production as a whole. But I also started out early as a hobbyist programmer. To work here is a perfect combination of two of my main interests!

What do you like about Lab.gruppen and Lake?

To me it’s about the quality and well-thought-out products that the brand Lab.gruppen stands for. I sometimes get in contact with people working with or otherwise interested in live audio during my spare time since I play in a band and I always feel proud to say I’m with Lab.gruppen since our amps have always been so highly ranked. But it’s also a great place to work at. Everyone here is kind to one another and you’re always included and listened to when you have ideas.

What is your inspiration for both work and your personal projects?

Even though I am a programmer and things tend to get very technical at times, I really try to put myself in the position of an end user and strive to make the end result as “user friendly” as possible. My main inspiration is when users express their appreciation of my work, whether it is at work or in other parts of life.

What makes you happy at work?

To finalize something that was first an idea and see it happen, spring to life and actually make a difference and add value. That of course in combination with a few laughs together with my colleagues whether it be to celebrate or to get over setbacks.

What has been a lesson you’ve learned while working at Lab.gruppen and Lake?

That “to prioritize” actually means to remove something that you won’t do, not to pick what you will do first. This is hard, since I always want it all and tend to want to squeeze in even more. I tend to get very eager.

What is your most satisfying customer interaction?

To solve and iron out technical details of e.g. a feature in a way that we all understand the problem and agree on all parts of the proposed solution, and the joy the energy that comes from that process gives me when thinking of how good this will become.

What is one potentially surprising thing that people don’t know about you?

I’m not that full of surprises, more of the opposite. One thing that some may or may not know about is the fact that I play the piano and the organ in a band, and we have been sticking together for twelve years now, performing our own original songs.