Rack-based system for LCR + 9-10 stereo IEM mixes (M32C)


Hi all,


I'm currently browsing the market for a rack-based system upgrade to my HoW's current system, which is a Mackie DL32R. We currently run LR plus an aux for a mono-sub feed, then 6 stereo IEM feeds. We'd like to eventually upgrade to something with the capacity for up to 9 or 10 stereo IEM mixes, plus an LCR feed.


The M32/X32 is obviously ubiquitous in the HoW sector, so it's naturally at the top of my list. What's the best way to configure something like what I need that is purely rack-based (surfaceless)? Would it be something like 2x M32C + DL32 + DL16? Or 2x M32C + 2x DL151 + 1x DL152?


Without hands-on experience with the M32 and only brief exposure to the X32, I'm not sure how to configure a system for my needs. I've done some reading around including on these forums but with my merely superficial knowledge it's a bit difficult to decipher how it all works by looking at similar but different implementations. I'm aware of the 8-channel routing groups over AES50 and 4-XLR patching for example, but I can't quite calculate in my head if/how that can accommodate what I'm hoping to achieve.


EDIT: I forgot to mention, I'm aware of the P16 option, but would like to avoid that if possible and have band members take care of their mix on their iPhone/iPad/Android. The less setup time the better!


Thanks in advance,