Voicelive Touch 2 MIDI CC via MIDI Baby 3 commands not working

by RandyB

I am trying to set up my MIDI Baby 3 to turn on and off harmonies on my Voicelive Touch 2 with a CC message and not having success. I have emailed Disaster Area and await a response. All the commands seem to be sent out right. I duplicated what gets sent from the onboard harmony switch on the VLT2 and a Switch 3. I am hoping there is someone who has been successful doing this. There is a twist that may be a hint. If I connect a 5 pin MIDI cable and turn on MIDI rather than USB on the VLT2 it works. The messages sent are a little different though. There is a Merge setting on the VLT2 that allows Midi on both USB and 5 pin but when that is on the VLT2 does not get the PC message when I swipe to the next song. For that to work it must be set to USB. I have posted to Facebook group, nothing so far. MIDI Baby 3 is sending up and down page CC commands to my iPad running BandHelper. Looking for suggestions.