BA 19A Self noise



I recently bought a Behringer BA 19A mic and after connecting it to my XR18 noticed that the self noise (background hiss) was very high. I was not happy so I sent it back and recieved a replacement the next day. :)

However the replacement, although much better than the first one I had, still has quite a high level of background hiss, which is very apparent at high gains, that is not nearly as apparent on any of my other microphones. Including some quite cheap drum overhead condenser mics. 

Is this to be expected? Was there a duff batch maybe? I do not have any others to compare against directly. But I do know that the one I have now was quite different from the one I sent back.

Now I could send this one back as well, but I am concerned that I will get a replacement that is even worse.

Is this normal for these mics as they are designed to be used at quite low gain due to normally being stuffed into a bass drum. However setting the gain to use it with a piano for example would mean high levels of hiss.

Any help appreciated.