x32 Bug


Came across an issue that has me puzzled.  I have also found this on the Midas m32.  Equipment is x32 connected via cat5 to the S16.  There are some input mono channels that are recieving signal, routed correctly, going to LR, but not going out to the speakers.  To correct, I copied/paste from a known good channel.  I compared both channels prior to copy/paste, and they are identical in the set up.  An additional bug is the LR shows meter output, but the fader is not controlling the output to the speakers.  It appears to be in an "always up" state.


I did update the firmware to the latest, 3.11 - no change in the LR fader control.  I also did a factory reset and reimported the scene from USB, same result with LR.  I am going to assume something is wrong with the scene - but - this problem is also happening with a completely different scene, in a different church, on the Midas m32.