Power jewel light is blinking

I own a Bugera T5 Infinium amp and I use my amp several times a week. Yesterday I powered up and after about 30 seconds the jewel light began flashing and the the tube monitor light on the back lit. I have two power and two preamp tubes so I swapped out preamp tube 1 with preamp tube 2, no change. I then swapped out power tube 1 with power tube 2, no change. I then swapped out preamp tube 2 with preamp tube 1, still no change. This seems to confirm the issue is not the tubes. If I set the output to 5 watt, turn volume and gain to 10 and engage the phat button I can hear the amp is sending a signal to the speaker cabinet, and it sounds fairly normal, just at a vey much reduced output level. This is true for both speaker cabinet and headphones out. Any advise, tricks, reset options, ... is greatly appreciated!