DM8000 to CP8000 unstable volume/preset


When you are using long LAN Cables connecting DM800 to a CP8000 there might be a stability problem in preset and volume have issue like Volume was going up and down or changing preset from 1 to 2 by itself, I solved this problem by adding a Capacitor with value 16Volts/100uF  to the connection of Ground and RVC out at the back of DM8000, Be sure connecting the negative side of the Capacitor to the ground terminal and Positive side of capacitor to RVC pin, I only reccomending this if you having the same problem like what I have experienced otherwise don't add if you don't need this. Also instead of using LAN Cable I recommend to use Belden audio signal (4wires) and there is no more voltage stability issue or faulty preset in this control panel(CP8000).timeline_20190628_101759.jpg