VL3X Random bad harmony.


I never know if the harmony will be good or bad.

Often I play a C chord on the guitar and sing a note in the C chord and the harmony voices, which are set to "sing" a 3rd and a 5th, instead sing one or more dissonant notes; often a 2nd.  I can find no way to set this to sing just simple harmony where I can rely on it.  I've tried all the settings that seem to relate to it.  It does it with the presets I've made and with those that come with it.

Here's a DropBox link to what I'm talking about (in Bb, but it happens in all keys).  When it sounds good it's great, but I can't find a way to rely on good harmony.  Suggestions would be much appreciated.

LINK to Brief DropBox Sample of Harmony Problem.