Can I use VoiceLive 3 with a midi keyboard instead?

by nimasan


Hi there,

I'm currently using TC Helicon's Harmony M with my midi keyboard.

I need the presets/steps features that VoiceLive 3 is offering so I want to switch to that product.

However, it is being advertised/promoted as a voice/guitar effects product and I'm not planning on using it with a guitar but with a midi keyboard instead.

I want to sing, play some chords on my midi keyboard and I want VoiceLive 3 to be able to translate those keyboard chords into harmonies for example.

Is this possible or will I have problems with it?

Is VoiceLive 2 Touch better for me maybe? However, I noticed that VoiceLive 2 Touch does not have "steps" but only "presets". I don't want to have to create 5 presets for a single song. I want one single song-preset containing a bunch of steps inside (verse, chorus, bridge etc..)

Thanks in advance for your help!