Behringer not responding to my technical and or sevice care tickets request. Have sent in three so far. No response.


I have a problem with vacuum tube preamp v2200 with a left side eq not working out well, with a little bit of hiss. I have sent in three care tickets now, I believe, in the last two months. I have purchased the unit last May,  I believe that it is still under warranty. The product is registered with Behringer.  I requested technical support and service, but no one has responded to my care tickets. The ticket keeps saying as status, "problem solved." But the problem is not solved because I have not been contacted yet. Please, someone at Behringer, look into this and help me. I am a big fan of your products and own several of your synthesizers and a few effects units as well. I have uploaded a screen shot of two of the care tickets that I sent in. Thanks.

Sincerely  Mark Wasson