Behringer ACX 1800


Two years ago I got a Behringer ACX 1800 (which seems not to be in the list when trying to open a ticket for warranty).It was delivered with defaults, but I only realized later as shortly after receiving the Behringer I was diagnozed with an auto-immune desease and didn't play much for a while (None of the effects work and there is poor volume, only with gain on maximum I had some aplification, but of course it's lots of other noise, this problem varies a litlle bit depeding on which guitare).

I got it tested in a music store twice. The defects are very obvious to them. I would like help and I would like to talk about warranty as the ACX 1800 has barely been touched, and I am only out of warranty because I had to figure out how to contact you guy, then my ampli didn't exist in the list... Unfortunately I didn't register in time, so therefore I don't have the 3y warranty.

Thank you in advance for understanding the situation and for contacting me back


[email protected]