Nova OCTAVE cannot track Drop-D!!

This post is mainly feedback for the TC team, but some of all you readers may also find this useful. I have read some threads where Nova users have complained that the in-built tuner cannot be used for drop tunings. It gets lost anywhere below the low E.

The same is unfortunately true for the Octave effect. I returned my Nova because of this shortcoming. I have tried every well known Octave pedal on the market. My favourite is the BOSS OC2 because the sub octave sounds so natural. The tracking is not as good as the Nova, but it can handle drop tunings.

The Nova Octave Effect tracks so much better than anything else I have tried and and also sounds very natural. If only it could track dropped notes, the Nova would be the best by far in this respect.

On another note, the only other slight failing where it comes to the Nova is the Overdrive and Distortion sounds. The TC team could really do with having a look at the best valve Overdrive and Distortion pedals on the market in order to compete a bit better in this area. I would suggest that the Damage Control Womanizer and Demonizer, the Carl Martin Plexitone, and the Blasckstar HT-Dual and HT-Metal have far superior overdrive and distortion sounds.

Apart from these two gripes, the Nova was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately the Octave issue ruled it out for me personally. Bring on Nova System v2!! Come on TC guys, fix these issues!! Cheers!!