refund due to a wrong purchase


I made an misstake, buying the wrong version of the SYSTEM 6000 Native Bundle.  (my bad)

I bought SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE BUNDLE, UPGRADED FROM VSS3 NATIVE for $ 599 but made a mistake, I have no previous version of SYSTEM 6000!

Now I want that refund so I can buy the right version of the SYSTEM 6000 Native Bundle.
I contacted Musictribe the same day I bought the wrong version, just hours after buying the product.

I have been contaced by [email protected] saying; Hello Peter, You can file a claim on your PayPal account for refund. Then you can avail/purchase the item you want. I hope this helps. Thank you

The problem is that PayPal says that the seller has to do the refund. I have given them all the information but they has not coming back. 

The information from PayPal is:

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, have sent a double payment by mistake or want to cancel your transaction for any other reason, you can request a refund by sending an email to the seller. Ask the seller to go to the 'Transaction Details' page for your transaction and click on Issue a Refund. You can request a refund up to 180 days after you have paid for the item.

Here's how to find the seller's contact information:

1.Click History.

2.Click on the transaction for which you want a refund.

3.Use the contact information to send an email to the seller.

I can not reach your website today due to issues with your site. I have tested Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge and they all say the same.

Cannot access this pageIt appears that the web page at is having problems, or it may have been permanently moved to a new URL.

So I have tried to contact them thru [email protected] but they have not responded to me.

So what shall I do now, any suggestions? 

All the best and stay safe!