me and midas

by ghost56



let me explain a bit about myself, last july i knew absoloutely nothing about mixing desks, daws, vsts,trackers,chainers midside recording techniques,ambient recording,spot miking and everything else that studio engineers do.

Since August i have had to learn quite a lot midas m32,midas m32r,yamaha dm2000,yamaha dm100

a lot of the stuff i have mentioned i can buy a book and read about it but mixing desks are different you need to practise practise then practise some more, only problem i cant afford a mixing desk for my home soi saw the m32 edit software (i also saw berhinger x32 edit) and it looked like a good way to get to know the desk outside college, my problem is it does not look like any of the videos ive seen.

So any info would be appreciated ( i have a head like a bag of ferrets wearing work boots most days)