Behringer X32 and Xtuga In Ear Monitors



We have the Behringer X32 mixer and we just purchased the XTUGA RW2080 wireless in ear monitor system. The IEMs connect via the AUX-OUT with 1/4 inch cables. The IEM receivers run on two different frequencies. We have 6 bodypack receivers, split 3 and 3 between the 2 frequencies. Right now we can send audio to the bodybacks, and we can change the mixes between the 2 different frequencies. What I am having a hard time doing is figuring out how to send personalized audio mixes to each receiver/IEM. Right now any change we make to the channel or audio level on the Bus makes changes to all receivers for that particular frequency. For example, Bus 1-4 controls all the recievers on frequency 1 and Bus 5-8 controls all the receivers on frequency 2.

If someone could help me with this, it be a huge help. I'm not sure if what I said makes sense so I can provide clarity if needed.

Thank you