In-wall Tannoy speakers to complete listening setup.


by Timons


I have the Tannoy Gold 8s as front-right and front-left, with the Gold 7 as a center channel, and an Infinity 10" sub. I'd like to stick with Tannoys for the rest of my setup: a) 2x rear surround and b) possibly speakers to bounce sound off the ceiling. I may also swap out the sub, but that is lower priority.

The challenge for the rear surround is that I need powered in-wall, since it will be really inconvenient to wire from the receiver to the surround location. I will need to paint over the grill to minimize the visual impact. My receiver is an Arcam AVR390, and I expect to be sending the signal wirelessly via an SVS wireless transmitter and receiver.

Any recommendations for the rear Tannoy speakers?