HUB4 to extend analog outputs


Looking to use the HUB4 to add two monitor outputs for IEMs.

Here is the AES50 setup: MIDAS M32C <> SD8 <> HUB4

The M32C is a dedicated monitor mixer. I use ports 1 to 3 on the HUB4 to send PoE and channels to 3 DP48s. The stationary musicians plug their in ears directly into the DP48s. I have 8 mono monitor mixbuses routed to the outputs of the SD8, which are plugged into 8 (mono) IEM transmitters. I'm looking to add two more (mono) wireless IEMs channels but I'm maxed out on the SD8.

Is it possible to use two of fourth port channels, which seem to be assigned to AES50 channels 45-48, to carry the two additional mixbuses? (I'd just assign the two mixbus outputs to AES50 channels 45 and 46, for example.) I'm not in the jam room to test so I am hoping someone can confirm so I can set it up when I go in. But if it is not possible, I'll have to figure a workaround.

Thanks in advance!