Routing X32/DN32 with P16s

The Tribe came through for me last time, so I'm back again with a lot more knowledge, but still getting stumped by this one! We are testing some gear for a new studio and have the X32 LIVE SD recording card on loan. We installed the card into our X32 to try for some live shows, but we are separately working on a big recording project using Logic Pro X--so I of course have scenes for both so I could toggle between the functions. I thought this would work, but I'm at a loss.

When I loaded my REC scene to playback a new song for mixing, I get absolutely nothing for audio output. I can see the signal in Logic, and can't find any configuration on the X32 that sends this signal to my monitor controller. I didn't change any routing on the X32 from the way it previously worked. Our speaker/amp configuration is the same. I don't know 100% if it's a problem with routing or with the X32 LIVE card, or maybe I wrongly believed it would still interface the same as the X-USB card did? I'm uploading the scene we used previously that WORKED with the X-USB card--all I had to do was load the scene and turn up the knobs.

For reference, I'd been tracking 16 ch into Logic Pro X from the X32, then assigning certain instruments/groups in Logic back through the X32 for use with PowerPlay pods for multi-person recording, which is why the P16s are in use in the Card Output assignments. I thought I was starting to really get a grasp of routing this machine, but I can't even get this to output to my studio monitor controller for mixing. VERY frustrating and humbling.

Thanks in advance for any advice and assistance on this one! It's late here, so I'm giving up for the night. I'll check back tomorrow and hopefully one of you amazing folks can step up and help me out with this monster!

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