(Sudden) Loss of connectivity between UMC404HD and REAPER


Hi there,

Seeking some help please.

My setup has worked perfectly up until now REAPER/Win 10 Pro/UMC4004HD, with really nice recording of both instruments and Mics.

Reaper now does not recognise any audio input. The 404HD is receiving  a signal in (sig/clip both functioning) and I can monitor my guitar through my speakers. MIDI inputs work OK in REAPER. The audio track lets me load VSTs and appears to be working correctly, but it simply doesn't see any input, and the meters are non-responsive.

Having tried all of the following:

Uninstalled and reinstalled REAPER (2 different releases)

Changed the USB cable from 404HD to PC

Tried different USB ports on the PC

I have come to the conclusion that my 404HD has gone faulty. Is there any other check I can do to confirm this? I don't have another interface available to test USB and Windows.


Thanks in advance for your advice,