x32-rack issue

by dwagman

Hi after a long Covid layoff, I'm having a problem getting our x32-rack working properly. we use it to feed one of several sources (background music) to many different rooms in our facility. For some reason the first two outputs are not responding to the input fader with routing set to pre-fader and mute for all active external feeds. outputs 3-10 seem to be working fine. As far as i can see all channels and outputs are configure similarly. I'll attach a few screen shots of x32edit. If you can see the green volume bar shows up on all outputs but 1 and 2 even though the input faders are set the same for all outputs. if i change routing to "input" for those two outputs music does come out in those two rooms, so i know it's not a wiring or amplifier/speaker problem. Thanks for any help