X-Air Edit Update Version 1.6 Now Available


X-Air-Edit Update

Version 1.6 

The X-Air-Edit 1.6 update offers some functional improvements and new features. The highlight of this update is the implementation of DCA-Spill. This new function offers the possibility to unfold the assigned channels of a DCA to a new DCA-Spill utility window.

The X-Air-Edit is a remote application enabling control of the X-Air-Series of digital mixing consoles via ethernet. It is available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

This new X-Air-Edit version contains:

New Features


GUI-Preference to deactivate mouse wheel

GUI-Preference ‘Bus botton names’ active by default

New EQ curve functions

Improved routing tap colour destinction

Tab buttons get triggered on Mouse-Click

Add namefield to inputfield

Add switchable busnames to sends tab name fields



Fix for XR16 when selecting source showing 4 [OFF] instead of CH13..CH16

Fix for util main meter bug

Fix for RTA over EQ issue

Fix for channel link issue with HA Gain/Phantom

Fix for oversized app windows after restart under Windows 10 (if display scale active)

Small fixes for linux and mac