We’d like to share with you an earlier video of one of our UB-Xa!


The UB-Xa is sparked huge excitement and we’d like to share with you an earlier video of one of our twenty beta testers, who all have the original OB-Xa for comparison. They worked with our engineers over several years to ensure authenticity down to original factory patches.

For this reason, the UB-Xa uses the exact same circuitry of the original synth, including the 3340 and 3320 VCO’s and VCF’s.
With the now revealed 16-voices, poly aftertouch keyboard and full MPE (Midi a Polyphonic Expression) capability, this hopefully explains why we spent so many years developing this beautiful synth.

We hope to ship the product in the next 6 months and target a price below US$ 1,500.

Click this link to watch the video.

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