X32 Using Aux5&5 out for Streaming Audio


I'm still trying to get away from taking my live stream audio from the headphone monitor out, but I cannot get enough time one the board in a non-live situation to try to correct this. Currently, someone before me used a 1/4 inch to dual RCA to quick-and-dirty get some audio output into the live stream box (StreamSpot One).

I'm using X32-Edit to try to learn the board. I've created a scene that I believe might be at least one way to get the Main L/R mix sent to the Aux 5&6 RCA jacks which would allow me to move there. Would someone be willing to take a look at this scene and tell me if it might do what I think it will do?

As a side note, many have already mentioned that with live drums and/or amps, this might not be best as the output migth be vocal heavy - however - we use electronic drums and DI boxes (rather than amps) on instruments, so I don't think this will be an issue.