X32 Mono Output question


Bear with me as I set this question up (please!)

Background: I usually do a stereo mix, which seems to be fine for our live stream output. I happened to notice a few days ago that while we have four main amps (left front, right front, left delay rear, right delay rear) it appears that we only have a single cable coming from the back of the board to the amps coming from XLR Out 16. My guess is that our FOH Main is only getting the Right output of the stereo mix. My guess is that I really need a mono out for the FOH Main and leave the stereo mix as is. Being both new and a volunteer, I'm not 100% certain how to accomplish this. I've done some reading of the "X32 DIGITAL MIXER Preliminary User Manual" (pdf from the website) ((not the best guide in my opinion, but it's what I have to work with)) and I believe I know what to do, but not wanting to mess anything up, I thought I'd outline what I think needs to be done and see if someone would validate that approach, or just reply and tell me the correct steps.

My best educated guess is that for each channel I should go to the "Main Bus" section and adjust the "Level" rotary. After all channels are sending to MC, then go to routing tab and select one of the unused XLR outs (say 14) and route MC to that output. Then move the physical cable from XLR 16 to XLR 14. This would  leave XLRs 15 and 16 in their "default" Main LR setting. I suppose alternately, I could change the routing for XLR 16 from Main Array R to Main MC.

Does this seem to make sense? Am I on the right track? Would attaching a scene file or backup help?

Thanks, Jim Sanders