New Computer? Same Problem with X-Touch Compact!

So I own a new'ish Behringer X-Touch Compact.
I've had it for a couple of months now but have not used it with exception of trying it several times at the beginning.
I tried it on my Intel NUC Hades Canyon, connecting it via an old USB2 cable. Then a new cable. Then a USB3-to-2 cable, all with the same results.

At first, everything seems to work okay, but then within several minutes and/or restarting the computer, many of the programmed faders and buttons forget their programming.

I'm using the latest version of vMix now on my brand new Intel Quartz Canyon PC (with more than enough power to handle the X-Touch Compact controller). I've even downloaded a template that an expert from one of the X-Touch forums had, which works perfectly at first, but then experiences the exact same flaws as with my other computer.

I've tried different sized cables, different power conditioners, no power conditioner, different USB ports, different programming methods, all to the exact same disastrous fate.
This is what happens...

1. I program or import a template.
2. The faders follow the audio faders on vMix screen.]
3. Within Several minutes, when I try to fade up (lets say fader #1), the #2 fader will follow (mechanically) the #1 fader.
4. Then, one of the buttons (completely random) just above the faders (which are programmed to solo each input) will not be turned on. No matter what I do, that button won't turn on.
5. Then I try a computer restart to see if this might clear things up. Nope, just gets worse. I turn up a random fader lets say # 6 (using vMix on-screen) then the mechanical fader will shoot straight down back to zero (at the far bottom).
6. Then fader #1 starts to always creep 10db lower than I keep setting it (all on its own).
I'm not sure, with who the problem is with. vMix? or with Behringer?