X32 FOH to S32 Stagebox to X32 Compact Broadcast and Extra Monitors




I've been searching YouTube and many forums for weeks but still have not resolved what is likely a simple routing issue for an expert. Let me explain what we are trying to accomplish at my small church.

We have an X32 at FOH that currently has 8 wireless Mics plugged into channels 17 through 24 of the X32. We have an S32 located at the stage getting all other inputs. We want to utilize an X32 Compact also located in the FOH area (only one person availabe to operate everything, me). The X32 Compact will be for Wireless IEM and to better fine tune, hopefully upgrade, our livestream mix. 

There are apparently numerous ways to skin this cat but I have not put it all together correctly yet. 

I would like the FOH to be the Master so gain structure remains the same as I currently have dialed in with zero feedback issues etc. We have 6 Aux inputs into the X32 FOH that I would like to remain there but also be fed through so our livestream output from the X32C has them available also. I have all of our current wired IEM busses coming out from the X32 FOH and am out of busses.  We desire to add the Wireless IEM to the X32C for vocalists (that now have nothing) since we are moving to Tracks and Clicks. 

I am humbly asking for some help walking through the prefered AES50 connection setup and guidance on correct routing.