Product registration site not working

I have been trying for 28 days to register a Behringer XR18 mixer on the Music Tribe Care site. Each time i click on the "submit" button it tells me to fill in the "required fields", but every field is already filled in and i've attached a copy of the purchase receipt. I can't get past this page, it doesn't assign me a care #, and i am unable to register the mixer. I need to know if there is another avenue to register the product.

I am extremely frustrated with the inability to reach out to a live person in customer service. This will definitely impact my decision on future Behringer purchases.

UPDATE: i was finally able to register the product today (day 29). I entered the same info as i'd been putting i'm not sure what changed...but i'm all is good. Thanks to all who offered advice/input/suggestions. Much Appreciated!