Bug in X32 edit and M32 edit?

by knaepp


To whom it may concern,

sorry for the crossposting. I believe that my first posting has not been recognized. Hopefully this is a better place to post this question.

we use a special configuration on our X32 (actual firmware installed) connected to two stageboxes (DL16, actual firmware installed). We use up to four scenes to precontrol our mixer. We store special settings as snippets (eg. using a delay for the leadvocal only in a special part of a song).

We combine scenes and snippets as cues for gigs and use the cues to export cues, scenes and snippets together assigning a releasenumber to test different settings.

Each time when we export the cues we get one shw-file for the cue, five .scn files for the scenes and as many .snp files for the snippets as we created snippets. Works like expect. But each time we will import the complete cue into X/M32 edit software only N-1 snippets will be imported to the software. For example if we have twelve snippet files in our environment only 11 will be imported. Each time the last on will be missed out.

I tested this behaviour using the actual Linux 64 bit Version, the Version for macOs and for Windows. All show the same behaviour: the last snippet will not be loaded.

Is there is any development on X/M32 edit software? Is there a chance to get this fixed? I just worked arround this issue by adding one additional snippet to the end of the list which is not needed. But this is not a real solution for me (if I once forget to implement the last snippet I have to reimport this missing snippet).

Best regards and thanks in advance