Plethora X5 : how to set a bpm tempo manually (not with tap tempo - not in ms)

by vanopbl

Aug 13


I've been using the Plethora X5 for 3 months now and I'm still stuck with this issue:

I would like to set the tempos of my delays and tremolos pedals in bpm with an option other than the tap tempo.

In fact when I configure the effect for "bpm tap tempo", the manual method remains in ms.

For example I try to set a tempo of 236. This is quite difficult/hasard with the foot (or the thumb). And when I use the manual method (via the menu with the right formula bpm --> ms) I'm not able to get the exact value I need (when I roll the pot it does not stop on the desired value - too far or too low-).

Do you have any good practices to share with me ? :-)

Thanks in advance!