X-Air cascading effects in only one channel - X18/XR18 XR12/16

Most microphones, either studio, bands, broadcast, use to have a number of cascading proccesses;

Mic preamp -> EQ -> Expander/Gate -> Compressor -> Reverb and so on.

If we try to do that with the X-Air series (X18, XR18, XR12/16...) we realize there is no way to cascade effects in just one channel, despite there are up to four effects.

We can get up to four effects, but they need to be assigned to different channels.

I can´t find the way to get those four effects in line in just one channel.

Behringer, would be great to get that feature !!

I had to send IN1 to BUS1 with effect 1 inserted. Then, externally, XLR jumper from AUX1 to IN2.

IN2 insert effect 2 to BUS 2. External jumper from AUX 2 to IN3.

IN3 insert effect 3 to BUS 3. External jumper from AUX3 to IN4.

IN4 insert effect 4.

I think this is not "the propper" way, would be much better to be able to do that internally, digital jumpers.

Am I wrong?

Thank you