X-Touch one Has stopped working but I can start it from the spacebar on my PC

by Jjude

I have been using the X-Touch one with ProTools 2019.10 for over a year and it has been flawless... Some report it can be buggy with ProTools but thats not been the issue... I am using a Firewire Apollo Quad 8 which has its own console and everything started when I started up my PC this morning... I am using Windows 10 Version 1809 because Version 1903 & 1909 are causing all kinds of Audio issues but not for all.... I can hit the spacebar on my PC and the X-Touch will follow but the Bars & Beats numbers are jumping 15 at a time... The console for the Apollo is only used during recording not for mixdown so it is not being used... I have chased this all day , even did a system restore on my PC , which is a Sweetwater Creation Station CS-450 top of the line... Thanks for any help????