Midas 32 (any version) with Elite Core IEM

Looking to see if anyone has any experience or knowledge of the Midas 32 ( any version) that is compatible with the Elite Core IEM system (IM16, DM8, PM16....is the signal path) via the ultranet output.

With the Midas 32 series can you feed the DM8 directly (bypass the IM16 which is the A/D converter) via the ultranet output on the console which then feeds the PM16 monitors. Our setup is very similar to the Behringer P16 system which I know is compatible with the Midas 32 series but again, trying to keep our equipment that already works well.

We're in a house of worship and upgrading but our IEM system (Elite Core) works perfectly fine and trying to find compatibility options with a Midas 32 series. Thanks.