VoiceLive 2 and Midi Keyboards

I am a hobbyist/professional keyboard player, and background singer, and am seeking a software system that I can use to have a set-list of songs, that when the song/scene within the setlist is selected, the software system would send midi program change information to change the programs of the midi devices. However, I also want to the note change midi information to be sent to the Voice Live 2, to allow harmony voices from the vocal effects. The Voice Live 2 can be selected for the midi signal to be accepted by the midi port or the USB, but not both. My current rig is two keyboards Kurzweil PC3 and Korg Kronos with the Voice Live 2, and I have the midi out of both keyboards going into a midi-merger and then into the midi in of the Voice Live 2. Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.