Wanting recommendations on a basic lapel mic to plug into a Xenyx Q802 USB

Hi everyone,
Looking for a basic lapel mic for online piano teaching.
I have a great little Rode Smart Lav+ (designed for plugging into a phone), but unfortunately -- according to Rode -- it needs two adaptors to use in a mixer like this (one to convert the TRRS-to-TRS plug, another to convert TRS phono-to-XLR which also converts the phantom power from 48V to the 3~5V thee mic needs to operate). Who knew this was so complex!?!
I don't need anything too high-end, it's just for VOICE (the electronic keyboard plugs straight into the 2nd mic input -- easy!),
so i thought maybe an electret mic like this https://www.jaycar.com.au/stereo-lapel-microphone-with-headphone-outlet/p/AM4013 might do the trick. It's very cheap, BUT i think it will have the same problem because, from what i read of electret mics, they all seem to need a small level of power, which the phono jack won't provide through this mixer.
Any ideas? Should i be looking for a dynamic lapel mic?
Or maybe i just get the adaptor and be done with it. To me it just feels so round-about (so many adaptors!!!!)
Any thoughts welcome, thanks :)