Voicelive Touch 2 - Control Slider FX with Expression Pedal

Hello everyone,

Just joined the Music Tribe Community in order to be able to check around the TC Helicon family some things I'm willing to achieve with my recently acquired Voicelive Touch 2 + Switch 6 combo.

The more pressing question is the one I put as the subject for this inquiry. I'm a singer-songwriter and I REALLY want to be able to control the Slider FX effects with a dedicated Expression Pedal - so I don't have to use my hands for triggering them momentarily and/or controlling its intensity.

Since I'm already using the Switch 6 in the footswitch port - and unfortunately it seems that you don't have the option to assign this for one of the footswitches - it seems to me that the only way to achieve this would be using an Expression Pedal connected thru MIDI. Can someone confirm if that's possible? I checked the manual (and this forum), but couldn't find the answer. If it's possible, then would any Expression pedal work or is there some brands/models that are more advisable for getting this to work?

I'm hoping to get myself an Helix Floor (or LT) in the near future, and I could try using the Wah/Expr. pedal for that purpose (has anyone already done that?), but maybe it's best if I get a dedicated one just for the VLT2 - so I could have the Helix for controlling guitar effects whenever I need.

I was thinking of getting this EX3 model, made by this Poland brand called Beat Bars, which outputs MIDI both thru USB or a MIDI port. Here's the link for it: https://beatbars.com/en/midi-expression-pedal.html Does anyone know if that would work as I intend it to? 

Another doubt concerning the Slider FX: is it possible to increase the decay time of the effects (when triggered) so they don't disappear right away from pressing the slider FX region? That would be handy in the case that I can't control this via Expression Pedal. But I'd much rather having the expression pedal possibility though... That would grant me more control and expressivity.

I'll  greatly appreciate any feedback on this matter. Thanks in advance!