Advice on hybrid cabinet design using DC200 10" dual concentric


Hi All,

I'm a lifelong Tannoy fan. This is my first post which I hope is OK, as it's about retro-kit and self build, so I'll understand if I should "take it somewhere else", as this is a bit "cheeky". Please let me know.

I built some monitors using the 8" drivers from Stratfords for my Son as a 21st birthday present (your tech support folk might enjoy the last page of the attached spoof brochure). Their sound made me miss the 15" Berkleys I gave to a friend many decades ago. 

So I bought a pair of DC200's to recabinet the 10" 2558 dual concentrics to enhance the bass. But, analysis showed the Tannoy engineers had the cabinet size spot on (given my assumption on Xmax).  

After more research I bought a pair of 10" 2500 passive ABR's intending to re-create the Tannoy Mayfair, but now realise their power handling was only 70W (due to larger cabinet?), and my Quad 405 with 100W may blow up the drivers..... clever eh!

Noting Tannoy have used dual porting on recent models with great success, I wonder if a kindly speaker engineer could take pity, and point me in the right direction in terms of ABR Vs single port Vs dual port design. And technically, tell me what the Xmax of the 2558 actually is, and any insights on the old Mayfair cabinet design and crossovers? 

Many thanks, Nick

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