Impedance on Line jacks of UMC202HD

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I'm a RF engineer with an audio problem.

I have an old system that I'm trying to interface with that has a 0-60KHz baseband that I need to capture and play out in real-time. It looks like the Line In/Out on the UMC202HD will do the trick pretty handily at the 192KHz sample rate. The mux has a 135 Ohm interface. 

Can any of you audiofiles tell me what the impedance is on the UMC202HD line in/out connections so that I can build the matching circuit?

Also, can anyone confirm that the Line In/Out jacks will play and record up to 60 KHz of baseband simultaneously? I'm used to designing systems between 300 MHz and 20 GHz, so I'm a bit out of my element. 

Thanks in advance!