Need routing assistance for m32 FOH, X32 rack stage monitor mixer and S16 digital snake


by Dberry


Hi guys. I just got an M32 for FOH. I want to be able to use all 16 buses for stereo sub mixes and effects sends at FOH.

I then want to use the X32 Rack that is on SR as the monitor board, using 1-14 busses for monitors.

I want the gain knob on the x32 Rack to be my master gain for both boards so I can set gain onstage while getting instrument level checks from the band.

I want the s16 by the drums for inputs 1-16 (drums and some back line instrument) and the the x32 Rack inputs for 17-32 (frontline vocals and instruments. 

I want outputs 1-8 to come from the x32 Rack for monitor mixes or L and R
I want outputs 9-16 to come from the S16 for monitor mixes or L and R
LEFT and RIGHT can come from either the S16 or the X32

The M32 at FOH will not require any input or outputs except for a talkback mic to communicate with the band and or audiance anouchments and a laptop into a set of Aux's for music playback. All that will be running to FOH will be the talk back mic, laptop and an Eithercon cable.

My main goal here is to be able to use all 16 busses at FOH for 12 sub mixes and 4 FX's. Then have all 16 buses on stage from the X32 rack and s16 for monitor mixes.

I won't have a monitor engineer so I thought I would set gain on stage and setup a quick wedge and IEM mix for the band, then move to FOH for sound check. Since I am running IEMs I want to be able to make EQ, gate, and Comp adustments at FOH without it chaining their IEM mixes. I am not that thrilled about have two Seperate board mixes but I do want all of my FOH buses for sub mixes so I can compress the sub mixes and make group eq changes on the sub mixes. 

Is this possible, or is there a better way. I just don't want to eat up all of my FOH buses on monitors and not have them available for effects and sub mixes.