Clarity M 5.1 Surround

Hi guys!

I really need some help with the hook-up and setup of the Clarity M Surround. I have had no problem hooking it up and setting it up in stereo mode, but I work with 5.1 surround and this is a real brain wrecker... Luckily, my interface it's also tc electronic (Studio Konnekt 48) so I hope this should ease things up. It looks like that the clarity just recognizes surround if you set the Clarity's INPUT up to AES1-3, but it looks like the Studio Konnekt 48 can just output 2 channels through the SPDIF... (maybe I'm wrong). And if I switch the Clarity input to "digital" so the optical ADAT output gives up to eight channels, the Clarity goes on stereo mode... Please need some help here...