Sub N Up mini- how to adjust/link sub 2 to the 1 sub knob?

I just purchased the SubNUp mini, downloaded the Toneprint editor latest version...but...

With this software version there does not appear to be a way to link Sub 2 to the sub knob as with the other version shown in a U Tube video  I found on this topic.  

In polyphonic mode...with editor open and pedal donnected... 

The Sub2 setting is frozen at 5db so when the sub knob is turned fully counter clockwise (or clockwise) it does not change meaning sub 2 is always ON ?  The drive is at 6db by default.

I ended up editing it basically turning sub 2 off...-100db with drive at 0db.  This leaves me with 1 up and 1 down only but better than having sub 2 always on.  I saved this as a user profile and sent to the pedal.

Can sub 2 be linked to the 1 and only sub knob on this mini unit?