M32 Hub4 DL32 Connection Issue


Hi, I have a Hub4 that I am trying to integrate into my M32 & DL32 system. As far as my understanding I should be able to set it up to pass-through audio from my DL32 to the Hub4 then to the M32. While still having control of the DL32 from the M32. So as far as connections go I have it (M32 AES50 A) to (Hub4 Sync Master) and from (Hub4 Thru) to (DL32 AES50 A). With this setup I cannot see the DL32, cannot control the inputs and no audio from the inputs even though everything has green LED indicators. I can see the Hub4 on my M32 but nothing past it. Everything has been updated to the latest firmwares that are available on Midas' website under software.