Quintessence Toneprints

Hello,  First post and 1st ever TC Electronic pedal!

I just got a Quintessence pedal.  I'm gettin into the ins and outs of all the paramaters.  I have the phone app and the PC version.  Few questions:

When I make a custom tone print on the PC I know to save it to one of the TP slots on the pedal and I can even name it.  Now how do I get that onto my phone app so I can use it if I am away from my PC and change toneprints?  Where does it save to on the PC or in the app?

How do I edit things with the phone app?  One example is turning off the mash function in the software and I am not near my pc.

Also where is best spot for this in the signal chain?  I have a Boss digital delay with mono input and stereo output.