FCA1616 No audio in and out of it.

I'm new to using interface, and bought a used FCA1616 and don't know if it's just not working, or not doing what it's suppose to do. MAC OSX High Sierra. FW and USB connected. I see it in Audio and it's loading both a FCA1616 USB and a Bheringer FCA1616 as a choice in the in/ouputs. I've conneced professional Sennheizer microphones to the first 3 inputs and a Laptop Mini to XLR into Input 4. The outputs will go into the in-ear-monitor transmitters. This was all for testing out a Unity and or Loopback Mix Minus set up..But nothing in coming in. Unity is not currently install, but I do have Loopback installed and was trying to get signals throught but nothing. Test 2 - I opened a browser on the operating computer and played a video from youtube. So that plays and I can see the DAW green led's bouncing up and down. But apparentely nothing seems to be coming in or out of it from external sources and back out of the 1/4" outputs in the back. What am I doing wrong? I also loaded the drivers 11 and 13 on a window 7 machine, and I was able to see the unit, and also get serial info, just didn't have time to test in a DAW set up. I really need it to work to implement the control over Mix-minus, but just can't even get one source to come in via the front XLR inputs.. Can you help let me know what I'm missing?