Flow 8 'All Muted' behavior - Feature request/change



Regarding the behavior of the All Mute button - When 'All Muted' is in effect, I would like if unmuting a channel in the app stopped the ‘All Muted’ behavior/blinking on the mixer. 

Here is a scenario I find myself in very frequently - While practicing or performing solo, I might have all channels muted except for the one channel I am working with. If I need to mute that one (last) channel in the app for any reason, then the mixer starts to blink, indicating All Muted. (The Mute button blinks, the Offset/Clip lights blink, the phantom power indicators blink, and the display reads All Muted in red.) However when I unmute the channel in the app, the mixer does not revert back to the state it was in before muting the last channel - the mixer still blinks away as if All Muted is still in effect. I realize that the one channel’s Offset light stops blinking, but everything else indicates All Muted. I find it distracting. Now the only way to stop the All Muted blinking on the mixer is to unmute ALL of the channels, which is rarely what I want to do. I wish that unmuting a channel in the app stopped the All Muted behavior on the mixer.

Otherwise I’m really enjoying this mixer!