How to route audio from Ableton to the x32 Aux Out 3 channel?


Hi everyone,

I have a Behringer x32 Compact mixer with two SD16 units but have always been a bit overwhelmed by it's possibilities. The x32 mixer is connected to my PC running Ableton live via the X-USB interface.

When making music in Ableton, in order to achieve a tight synchronisation between the software & the hardware part of my home studio I have purchased the E-RM Multiclock.
The multiclock uses audio sync that is being generated by a VST/UA plugin that comes with the Multiclock and is loaded in Ableton on a midi channel. The audio signal being generated in Ableton needs to be routed through my X32 compact mixer and into the audio input on the E-RM Mulitclock itself.

On my x32 I have the Aux Out 3 available that I would like to use to send the audio from Ableton out to the E-RM MUlticlock. I have several channels that are not in use on the x32, for instance channel 30 that I selected for the VST to send it's audio signal to (see below - screenshot 1).

So what I'm trying to achieve: send the audio signal generated by the VST in Ableton out to channel 30 of the x32 and forward that to the Aux Output #3. From there I will pick-up the signal with a jack cable and connect it physically to the E-RM Multiclock input.

I tried to configure the aux out 3 as pictured (see below - screenshot 2) to achieve this but the audio signal is not reaching aux out #3.

Can anyone help me to figure out which setting I need to change to route the audio signal successfully?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.