X-Touch Mini Controller - Buttons LED blinking

by asharp



I'm trying to send a MIDI message to the Behringer X-Touch Mini (firmware ver 1.08) so that a button can change its state to Blinking rather than just on/off.

If I send a velocity of 0, then the LED is off, a velocity of 1 then the LED is on, but as far as I could understand from the documentation a velocity of 2 should make the button LED blink.  I can't appear to get this last part to work.  It appears that any velocity from 1-127 only keeps the LED on.

Any thoughts on where I might be going wrong on this?



Problem solved, was sending the midi output to the wrong location.  For button 1 (G#-2) I should have been sending the signal to Ch 0, Note 0x00 with a velocity of 2 in order to get the button G#-2 to blink.